At this time, your Conso credit

Because some of your projects make your life more beautiful, consumer credit bends to your desires, your needs and changes in your budget! Simply.


A consumer loan to finance your projects

Do you want to go around the world, organize your wedding or equip the house of your dreams or manage any situation? With consumer credit!, borrow up to €75,000 over 4 to 72 months, and your projects become reality!



Provision of funds

You will have the funds in your deposit account 7 days after signing the credit agreement offer (subject to bank approval)

How to get credit?

To obtain your consumer credit, you must:

  • To be of age
  • Present fixed and regular income
  • Have a healthy financial situation
  • You do not have to be a MultiFinance customer before obtaining a loan from us. But being a MultiFinance client is an asset! Since you will be entitled to tax reductions.
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Respond to all your needs in real time

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